Import SPI Connect Product File SPIInventory

This vendor product file is troublesome when importing manually AS IS into SQL Server.  When obtaining the file via FTP (credentials in vendor table), it is received as a .csv file.  The following actions make importing this file through SQL Server Import and Export Wizard possible:

  1. Open SPIInventory.csv in Notepad
  2. Reorder the records to have alphanumeric style#’s first, then numerics so that during import datatypes won’t assume numeric.  Then resave and close.
  3. Open a new Excel file (empty).
  4. On Data tab import data “from Text”, browse to and select SPIInventory.csv file.
  5. Import it as comma delimited, ” text qualifier, and change all fields as text.
  6. Save the file as an .xlsx file!
  7. Then import the .xlsx file into SQL as _SPIConnect_[x] where [x] is the next increment from similarly named tables that already exist in EOSLizard.  Be sure to change datatypes as needed, referencing previous tables.  The UPC field needs to be nvarchar!

After this, you can reference this new table for manually adding/updating products in EOS.