Creating a Global Promotion Code Based Discount

To create a discount applied to an entire order when a promotion code is entered, do the following:

  • Go to Inventory/Catalog
  • Select a Catalog from the catalog dropdown or create one using the Add Catalog tab
    • you can add this promotion code under an existing catalog or a new catalog, but will probably want to create a new catalog so you can set the expiration date (alternatively you can set an expire date on the promotion code).
  • When the catalog is created/selected, click on the Add Promotion tab
  • Add the new promotion code info and select either Price or Quantity under Discount Type
    • doesn’t matter which unless you want to specify a minimum quantity or price that the customer must have in their cart to get the discount
  • Once the promotion code has been added, click on the Manage Promotions tab and click the ‘Quantity(0)’ or ‘Price(0)’ link under the ‘Discount Type’ column for the promotion you just created
    • Which one appears depends on what type discount you selected when you set the discount up
    • If you specified a ‘price discount’, leave the start price at 0.00 and the end price empty, then specify your discount, for example 5%.
      • That discount will be subtracted from the subtotal of the entire order.
    • If you specified a ‘quantity discount’, leave the start quantity at the default and the end quantity empty.
      • Alternatively you can specify a start price or qty to set a minimum the customer must have before the discount applies.
      • You can also set ranges of prices or quantities and apply specific discount levels to each range.
    • If you didn’t create a new catalog with an expire date, make sure you set the expire date on the promotion code.
  • Click the Manage Promotion tab and use the links available to edit the price or discount information and ranges, the discount type, or to delete the discount.

It is important to note that a promotion code only applies to the subtotal of the order and shipping is excluded from the discount.