Adding/Editing a Freight Class to EOS

To edit the freight class on a product, do the following:

  • Log into your admin site (EOS)
  • Hover over ‘Inventory’ in the top navigation menu and click products in the drop down menu
  • Click on the Code/SKU of the product whose freight classes you want to change in the left hand column of the product list
  • On the resulting product update page, click the Shipping tab
  • Look for the Freight Options section on the Shipping tab page
    • If setting up the base freight initially, after you set the ‘base class’, click the Update button and a variable link will become available
      • the ‘base’ freight class is set in the drop down on the page
    • if it is always freight, click the ‘Freight Only’ checkbox
    • if there are variable or parcel rates, click the variable link under the Freight dropdown
      • a variable is available only after the base rate is set and ‘Update’ is clicked
      • click ‘variable()’ to display a pop up where you can edit existing or add new ones
    • When you are done making changes, click the Update button
  • If all else fails, submit a ticket on