Adding a Trusted Site

Running custom or the highest security setting in Internet Explorer can cause issues when trying to run some websites, in fact, even Google runs differently when security is set to the highest level.

You can add a site you trust to the browser, which opens that ‘trusted’ site with a lower security level which enables all functionality.

To add a Trusted Site to your browser security settings, do the following.

In the upper right hand corner of the browser window, look for the ‘gear’, click it, and then click Internet options.

On the Internet Options popup, click into the Security tab and then click the Trusted Sites section with the big green check mark in the box near the top. When the security tab is displayed, click the Sites button.


In the Trusted Sites popup, type the url of the site you are adding and click Add.


When the url you typed appears in the Websites: box, click Close and click OK on the first popup.

Try your website again and if you are still having issues, contact us by submitting a ticket on this website.